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Welcome to the Ulijn Group website. Our lab is focused on the use of simple versions of the molecular building blocks of life to produce materials and systems with controllable structural, photonic, electronic, and biological properties. These properties open up wide-ranging applications in energy, biomedicine, environmental protection, food, cosmetics, and personal care. [Group Members and Full Biography]

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We Are Recruiting!

@asrc_gc is seeking to recruit two highly motivated postdoctoral scholars to research systems-based design of biomolecular modalities and materials. Researchers who have experience or interests that bridge computation/theory and experiment are especially encouraged to consider these positions.

Come and join us in NYC! Apply here.

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Publication Spotlight

Tractable Molecular Adaptation Patterns in a Designed Complex Peptide System

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In this new paper, Ankit studied the collective properties of peptide mixtures composed of 10s to 100s of interacting peptides that can adapt their compositions to their environment. He developed a synthetic approach and analysis method to begin uncovering how complex biomolecule mixtures interact and collectively adapt to changes in their environment. His experiment began with mixing a number of selected dipeptides, based on their ability to aggregate and interact. In the presence of thermolysin, a non-specific amidase known for its ability to hydrolyze and ligate dipeptides, the dipeptides dynamically recombine and form peptides with complex interaction patterns. It was then possible for Jain to track the formation and breakdown of peptides of different sequence within the mixtures. He observed that their patterns of interaction were strongly dictated by environmental conditions.

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