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9.00Poster set-up
Registration & Coffee
Gillian Small, Vice Chancellor for Research CUNY
Rein Ulijn, CUNY ASRC
10.00DNA: Not Merely the Secret of Life
Ned Seeman, NYU
11.00Probing Molecular Dynamics at the Nanoscale via an Individual Paramagnetic Center
Carlos Meriles, CCNY
11.20Fabrication of Advanced Quantum Electronic and Spin Systems
Diego Scarabelli, Columbia University
11.40Using CryoEM for Structural Analysis in Structural Biology and DNA Nanotechnology
Tong Wang, Brookhaven National Laboratories
12.00Nanocomposite Capacitors: Design, Scaling, Film Fabrication and Testing, and Applications in DC-DC Power Conversion
Stephen O'Brien, CCNY
Lunch, Poster Session and Tours
13.45Forces and Heat to Understand and Build Nano-world
Elisa Riedo, Georgia Tech
14.15Fabrication, Properties, and Applications of van der Waals Heterostructures
James Hone, Columbia
14.45The Use of Single Particle ICP-MS for Measuring Engineered Nanoparticles in Biological Systems
Lee Davidowski, PerkinElmer Inc.
15.05Enhancing Cerenkov Luminescence for in vivo Imaging Using High Refractive Index Nanoparticles
Travis Shaffer, CUNY/MSKCC
15.25Robust Excitons in soft-molecular nanotubes
Dorthe Eisele, CCNY
Coffee Break
16.30Living materials for technology at the micro- and nanoscale
Fiorenzo Omenetto, Tufts
17.00Nanotechnologies for Biomedical Imaging and Optical Sensors
Daniel Heller, MSKCC
17.30Investigating and Applying Bio-Nanomaterial Interactions
Rajesh Naik, AFRL
18.00Closing Remarks
Rein Ulijn, CUNY ASRC
Drinks Reception to Follow

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