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NanoFab in NYC
November 30th 2015, ASRC
9:50 AM - 4:00 PM

Progress in nanotechnology depends on the capability to fabricate, position and interconnect nanometer-scale structures. The success of nanotechnology in many applications ranging from nanophotonics and nanoelectronics to biomedical applications relies on the existence of suitable nanolithography approaches. However, patterning materials with nanoscale features aimed at improving integration and device performance poses several challenges. The limitations of conventional lithography techniques related to resolution, operational costs and lack of flexibility to pattern organic and novel materials have motivated the development of unconventional fabrication methods.

The CUNY Advanced Science Research Center Nanoscience Initiative are hosting their first nano-fabrication focused workshop, NanoFab in NYC, on Nov 30th 2015. Organized by Dr. Elisa Riedo (CUNY ASRC), Dr. Jacob Trevino (CUNY ASRC), and Dr. Felix Holzner (CEO of Swiss Litho), the workshop will focus on novel methods for chemical patterning and nanolithography with extreme resolution, including talks from researchers in the NYC metro area and allocated time for open discussion groups on the topics presented. Tours of the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center will also be available.

Confirmed Speakers:

Felix Holzner - Swiss Litho
Guiseppe dePeppo - New York Stem Cell Foundation
Vinod Menon - The City College of New York
Erik Young - Columbia University
Jaime Cardenas - Columbia University
Elisa Riedo - CUNY Advanced Science Research Center & The City College of New York


Sponsor: Swiss Litho Sponsor: Quantum Design