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Bio-Inspired Nanomaterials
February 21st 2017, ASRC
1:30 PM - 5:30 PM


1:30 PMWelcome and Opening Remarks
1:40 PMEvolution, Optics and Biomimcry of Natural Optical Nanostructures
Matthew D. Shawkey
Ghent Univeristy, Belgium
2:25 PMHow to Make a Bird Egg Shine? Structural and Pigmentary Bases of Egg Color and its Mimicry in Birds
Mark Hauber
Hunter College, NY
2:55 PMPeptide Melanins with Sequence-Tunable Properties
Ayala Lampel
CUNY Advanced Science Research Center, NY
3:25 PMCoffee
3:55 PMBioinspired Adaptive Material Systems: Sensing, Sorting, and Harvesting
Ximin He
University of California, Los Angeles, CA
4:25 PMPowering Colloidal Machines with Contact Charge Electrophoresis
Kyle Bishop
Columbia University, NY
4:55 PMUsing Bio-inspired Water-responsive Materials to Harvest Energy from Evaporation
Xi Chen
CUNY Adavanced Science Research Center
& City College of New York, NY
5:25 PMClosing Remarks
5:30 PMClose

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