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Ulijn Group, June 2016

Welcome to the Ulijn Group website. We develop molecular materials and systems using simple biological building blocks with unique properties, such as adaptability, transient responsiveness and molecular recognition. These properties open up new applications in wide ranging areas ranging from biomedicine to nanotechnology. [Group Members and Full Biography]

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Ulijn Group at ASRC

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The Strathclyde and New York sections of the Ulijn Group enjoyed an fun and action packed week in New York with our annual large group meeting followed by the Active & Adaptive Materials conference at ASRC.
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Publication spotlight

Survival of the Fittest in Materials Discovery

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In this paper, published in Nature Nanotechnology, we demonstrate methodology to autonomously identify supramolecular polymers based on peptides. By allowing peptides to continuously reorganize their sequences, they will eventually form those polymers that are most suited to the environment at the expense of less favored structures. This methodology- dynamic peptide libraries, or DPL- is inspired by the principles of evolution, and allowed us to identify a range of heretofore unseen peptide-based materials with potential applications in drug delivery and cosmetics.

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